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Solve These Couples Conflicts and We’ll Tell You If You’re a Relationship Expert

Do you think you have what it takes to advise just about anyone on their relationships problems? Do your friends always come to you when things aren’t going well in their love lives? Are you certain you know the ins and outs of love?

Let’s put your skills to the test!

We’ve created some tricky scenarios that will put you through the relationship wringer to see how well you respond to budget woes, sexual mishaps, communication challenges, and more. Every couple has unique challenges, but as any good relationship counselor knows, there are some problems that show up over and over; we’ll test you with some of the most common.

If you can solve the problems that these couples are facing, you can deal with anything. So let’s dive in and we’ll find out if you’re a love guru or a romance newbie. Can you help these couples and fix their struggling relationships?


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Dan and Ann keep getting into arguments. Dan is uncomfortable with how often Ann goes out dancing with her friends. Ann says it's inappropriate for Dan to tell her what to do. How do you advise them?


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  • I encourage Ann to find out if Dan is jealous, or feels that the problem is Ann doing something “sexy.” If Dan is feeling insecure, I suggest he work on those feelings himself.

  • I tell Ann it’s definitely inappropriate for Dan’s insecurity to dictate what she does with her free time and encourage her to continue doing what she wants.

  • I think they both have valid points and suggest Ann spend more time with Dan.

  • It’s definitely inappropriate for Ann to be out dancing, especially if there’s other guys. She should be with Dan.