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Take This Infuriating Quiz to Find out How Patient You Are

Everyone gets into irritating situations every now and then. Whether it be waiting in a never-ending line at the DMV, getting a paper cut while reading a book, dropping an ice cream cone or spilling coffee on your shirt right before a big interview, it’s easy to react with anger and frustration rather than maintaining a level head.

So how do you react to annoying situations? Are you the type to always see the glass as half-full and never lose your sense of humor? Or do you lose your head at the smallest inconvenience? Do you become enraged during traffic jams? Or are you so laid-back that even the biggest setbacks don’t phase you?

This quiz will present you with a series of scenarios for you to react to. Then, based on your answers, we’ll reveal how patient you are. Ready to find out if you’re cool as a cucumber or completely high-strung? Let’s get started!