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Take This Morality Test and We’ll Tell You Which Superhero You Are

Superheroes are do-gooders. People who stand up for the little guy and show us all how to be better people. They’re bastions of morality that we can all look up. Right?

Well, sort of. Some superheroes have a straightforward righteousness, but others ask us to look at the complexity of moral dilemmas, and question for ourselves what it means to be good.

Like the rest of us, different superheroes have different values. Which superhero is your spiritual twin? Are you the conflicted egomaniac, like Iron Man? Or perhaps you’re a bleeding heart do-gooder like Daredevil. Or maybe you’re the feminist icon, a la Wonder Woman.

We’re going to dig down deep and see how your morality looks. Do you lie? Are you ever violent? What motivates you to be good? With this knowledge we can determine exactly which superhero you’re most like. Get ready to find your superhero double, because this quiz is freaky accurate.