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How You Experience The Five Senses Will Determine What You Need Most In Life

The way a person experiences the five senses can reveal a whole lot about them. What are your favorite textures to run your fingers along? Are you a lover of sweet or salty treats? Are there sounds you enjoy, like waves crashing, and sounds you don’t, like nails on a chalkboard? Your preferences when it comes to the things we all feel and see every day say a lot about your inner life.

And it’s true that no one is truly entirely fulfilled. We all need something. This quiz will reveal exactly what you need in life based on 12 questions that help you explore yourself through varied sensory experiences. The important thing about choosing your answers to the questions in this quiz is to not think too much. Your answers should be visceral, from your gut.

We all need something in life. With these twelve questions, we can tell you what it is.