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Tell Us Your Pet Peeves and We’ll Reveal Your Best Quality

Everyone’s got a few things in this world that truly drive them up a wall. We’re not talking serious issues — this isn’t about war or saving people from malaria. We’re talking the truly heinous things, like people who chew with their mouths open and manspreading. The true evils of the world that instantly set you on edge, pet peeves.

Tell us about those that truly get your goat. Whether it’s the guy at the office who’s always talking about his good friend, the CEO of this company, or the people taking food off your plate without asking you first (um excuse me, did you pay for that?) we’ll give you the chance to air all your grievances.

But underneath each of those pet peeves is a value that’s being ignored. We’ll divine your very best qualities from the things that make you most angry. Let’s take those irritations and transform them into something positive.