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Think You Know How to Make These 12 Fancy Coffee Drinks? Take This Quiz to Prove It.

Coffee is the magical substance that powers billions of people through their day. Whether it’s four cups of dark roast to survive a morning full of meetings at the office or a round of tiny espressos while catching up with an old friend, there’s no denying that coffee is part of our lives. How well do you know this bean-based beverage? Though most Americans tend to drink drip coffee from a basic machine, fancy espresso drinks are also a wonderful way to get your caffeine fix. What goes into making a cappuccino, macchiato, or latte? What is the difference between a flat white and a piccolo latte? If you’re a barista or have ever worked at a cafe, there’s no excuse for failing this coffee quiz. Can you tell us what goes into a mocha or an affogato? What about a ristretto shot? Take this quiz to prove that you actually need coffee as much as you say you do!