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What Decade Should You Have Been Born In?

You know when you were born. You were there when it went down. But maybe you were not born in the most optimum decade. Maybe your soul belongs and has always belonged, somewhere else. Somewhen else. Maybe you should have been born in a totally different decade. Perhaps you are an ’80s child who connects best with the hippie culture of the decade before. Maybe you are a ’90s millennial who prefers flapper dresses and flagpole sitting. (We do not judge.) Maybe you have always just felt a little wary of the time you live in, like you would have been more understood and understood the world more if you were born in the past. Well, now is your chance to find out what that time period is. When you should have actually been born.  Which decade would have fit you? Take this short, 12-question personality quiz to find out.