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What Type of Donut Are You?

It is super hard not to love donuts. They are the perfect excuse to eat dessert for breakfast. With so many varieties there is a flavor to please everyone. Maybe you are a fan of the tried and true glazed donut. Maybe you are into powdered sugar and jelly in the middle. Or maybe you are totally wild, like, maple and bacon wild. But the type of donut that you prefer to eat does not necessarily correlate to the type of donut that you are inside. That is a whole different set of questions. And we have them right here. You will answer twelve questions all about your donut, dessert, and drink preferences, and then we will surmise exactly what type of donut you are on the inside, what donut you are stuffed with if you will. So, what type of donut are you? Take the quiz to find out, and then go buy a donut because there is no doubt you will be craving one by the end!