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Where Should You Honeymoon Based on Your Taste in Movies?

After planning a big party and legally binding yourself to someone, couples often take a (well-deserved) vacation very soon afterward. It’s an escape from reality with just you and your someone to hopefully have an amazingly good time. But, everyone vacations differently. Do you like more of an adventure in the wilderness or do you prefer beaches and tiki drinks? How you unwind with vacation is probably similar to how you unwind when you want to kick back and watch a good movie.

What do you find beautiful? What stories are you drawn to? Hopefully, you and your significant other have similar tastes in movies — maybe take this quiz together! Because right along with agreeing about how many kids you want to have, you should probably discuss who gets to pick the movie on date night. Right? We could be wrong, but we bet we’re right about your taste in movies magically determining where your dream honeymoon would be. What are you waiting for? Let’s take this quiz!