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Less Than 1% of People Get a Siren! Which Greek Mythological Creature Are YOU?

Most of us grew up reading Greek myths in school — fantastical tales about gods, goddesses, and mysterious, incredible creatures who are able to perform magical, mystical tasks… If you were one of these mythical creatures, would you be a gentle nymph, or perhaps a powerful hydra? A bright, colorful majestic phoenix or a magnetic, alluring siren?

There are countless Greek mythological creatures with incredibly cool and extremely different qualities and even powers beyond our wildest thoughts. This quiz will surmise which one most closely fits your personality. We will ask you questions about your habits, literary and otherwise, your perfect fantasy, your definition of “hero,” and even what time of day is your favorite. All of this information will be able to tell us once and for all which Greek mythological creature matches your personality best.

So go on, take the quiz! It is time to learn your true identity.