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Find Out Who Your “Grey’s Anatomy” Doctor Soulmate Is

Doctors are smart, caring, and save people’s lives for a living — and if that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is. Grey’s Anatomy fans know what we’re talking about. When the dashing docs of Seattle Grace Hospital aren’t saving lives, they’re stealing hearts. (Not literally, of course. That would be illegal). Those white coats and full heads of luxurious hair are full of secrets…the secrets to your soul, and we just know there’s one doctor out there for you.

So, take this quiz to find out which Grey’s Anatomy Mc is your forever man. Is it Dreamy? Steamy? Hunky? Hottie? Cutie? Patootie? OK — those last few aren’t real. But you know what we mean. There’s no shortage of beautiful men who strut the halls of the hospital on Grey’s Anatomy, sure, helping patients and stuff, but also looking fine. Which doctor will take the defibrillator to your love life and shock it back into existence?

Find out now…