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Will Your Holidays Be Laid-Back or Stressful? Stuff a Stocking and We’ll Tell You!

No matter how organized you try to be each year, the holidays tend to get pretty darn stressful. There’s always a million different things to do, and the pressure to please all of your friends and family can be overwhelming.

So what type of holidays will you have this year? Will you be so on top of things that you’re done with all your shopping before Thanksgiving and can just sit back and drink eggnog for a month? Or will you wait until the last minute and be so frazzled that you get gifts and their recipients all mixed up? If you’re curious to find out what you holiday fate will be more seasonally stressed or all joy, good cheer, and merry cocktails, this is the quiz for you.

Fill a Christmas stocking with goodies to reveal your stress level. Ready to find out what your festive future holds? Grab some cocoa and let’s get started!