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Take This Middle School Astronomy Quiz To See If You Really Remember That Field Trip To The Planetarium

Who didn’t want to be an astronaut when they grew up? Astronauts are the primary reason children know how to count backwards – it’s always the most fun to pretend to blast off in a rocket ship! But what if you could do that for real? For starters, you wouldn’t venture out into the open road without having a driver’s license, so you should probably know your way around space if you want to go exploring out there as well. Everything about 5th grade astronomy was awesome from experiments in science class to any time you got within 100 feet of a planetarium, which was a lot.

But, how much of that information did you retain? You don’t have to convert light years in miles per hour or have any statistics committed to memory, so don’t sweat it. This is basic outer-space trivia that will have only stuck in your brain if you’re a true space nerd. Is that you? Let’s find out. To infinity… and Bed Bath and Beyond!