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Only True Southerners Can Get 12/12 On This Quiz

Only a true southerner can answer these 12 questions! Or even someone who’s been to the south plenty of times. ORRR anyone who just really knows there stuff. Yeah, now’s the time for you to use your knowledge and for you to shine! Do you think you have got what it takes? We sure hope so! At the very least, everyone is going to come out of this quiz with newfound knowledge. Well, only if you make sure to click “see the answers” when you’re done to find out what answers you got wrong (if any). How do you feel about taking this quiz? Are you confident in your abilities. Is your mind up for the challenge, are you quivering with fear and/or anticipation. Well, there’s actually no reason to be nervous. I think it’s time you take this true southerner quiz and find out if you can ace it or not! Best of luck!