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Are You A Foodie Or A Fake? This Quiz Will Tell You.

Food. The more we evolve as humans, the more fancy and delicious our food seems to get. Heck, even our cats are eating fancy feasts whenever their human overlords can afford it. But just because we eat fancy foods, doesn’t mean we actually know what’s going on under the bun (so to speak).

We’d all like to think we can read any menu with ease, but some of us can’t help but get lost when the fancy foodie terms appear. And god forbid that menu is in French. Think your culinary knowledge is up to snuff? Or do you need to pull the nearest waiter or Sommelier off to the side for some pointers?

This quiz will determine if you’re good enough to be that obnoxious friend who always orders for everyone else when they go out. If you pass this quiz, own it! Are you an actual foodie? Let’s find out!