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Are You Aria, Spencer, Emily, or Hanna? Take This ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Quiz to Find Out!

Got a secret — can you keep it? The Pretty Little Liars sure can. But not all secrets should be locked in a pocket and taken to the grave. During their high school and college years, the four friends from Rosewood were terrorized by “A” and kept secrets for their friend Alison, who had plenty of secrets of her own. We all have a little bit of pretty little liar in our personalities, but some more than others. Are you like the stylishly quirky Aria, ambitious leader Spencer, sporty and shy Emily, or girly and honest Hanna? No matter which of the liars you think is your spiritual sister, you better answer these 12 questions honestly! Take this quiz to see which of the fabulous friends of Rosewood you’re most like! It’ll be our little secret. We promise that we all can keep it — and won’t let “A” know what you’re up to.