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Are You an Accountant? Properly Count Change In These 12 Situations.

Adding two and two always makes four, but what about when you’re mixing dollars and cents? From an early age, your parents and teachers taught you the importance of doing simple math. Whether you’re buying groceries, paying a taxi driver, or splitting a bill among friends, one should always be able to count change quickly and accurately. If you’ve ever worked in retail, at a grocery store, or as a server, we bet you’ll be able to score at least ten out of twelve on this counting quiz. But if you need to pull out a calculator to pass this test, forget it! This is all about seeing how well you can use basic math skills in ordinary, everyday situations. When was the last time you had to count change? We bet it wasn’t too long ago. Ditch the calculator and add or subtract all in your head! No cheating allowed.