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Find Out If You’re Really Gullible By Taking Our Definitive Test

Hey look up! Gullible is written on the ceiling. If you looked up there’s a good chance that you are going to fail this quiz, because we’re going to be weeding out the gullible and finding the people who have the best spidey senses for tricks, lies, and half truths.

If you think that’s you then get ready for the true test of gullibility. We’ll find out if you can use your common sense and critical thinking, how well you see past common myths and “folk knowledge”, and whether or not you can see through our best trick questions.

It won’t be easy, we promise (in fact a few of these questions stumped our writer). But if you’re a savvy sort who can see past every practical joke and who never falls for anything, you may just defeat our gullibility quiz and prove that you are the master of all trick questions.