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Can You Name These ‘Rugrats’ Characters?

Every 90’s kid remembers the Nickelodeon smash hit show Rugrats, which first debuted on August 11, 1991. Most fans of the show have their own unique favorite character that they connected with on a deep, spiritual level. Some people are huge fans of Tommy Pickles, the leader of the baby crew who always wears a too-small blue tee and constantly has a screwdriver in his diaper. Others are die-hard Chuckie Finster fans, with his bright orange hair, oversized green shorts and adorable buck teeth. And who doesn’t love Phil and Lil, the mischievous twins who are constantly getting into trouble?

While most fans of the show have a pretty good idea of who the main characters are, you might be surprised to discover that naming the adults and more obscure characters is a bit more difficult. Ready to see if you’re enough of a 90’s kid to ace this tough character quiz? Sit back, relax, grab an icy cold bottle of milk, and let’s get started!