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Can You Pass This Grammys Trivia Quiz?

Ever wonder where the Grammys come from? Turns out, the name of this prestigious award comes from the actual trophy, which is a golden model of a gramophone. How much do you know about the hottest music awards ceremony in the United States?

The Grammys have been recognizing achievements in the music industry in the English-speaking world for several decades. Every year, several musicians and recording artists are honored with these little gold trophies for the amazing music they’ve created over the past year. Do you know who presents these awards, where the ceremony happens, or how long it’s been going on? Do you know where the Grammys will be held this year, or when the first Grammys were awarded? Which individual artists and teams of musicians have earned the most Grammys? How many have some of your favorite recording artists won, and for what categories?

Answer these twelve questions about the most prestigious awards in music to find out!