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Can We Guess What Kind Of Dog You Have Based On Your Personality?

You can choose your friends, and you can choose which canines to join your family! While our personalities define who we are, they also influence who we choose as friends (and pets). What kind of dog would be the perfect match for your personality?

Are you a down-to-earth, soft-spoken goofball who doesn’t take yourself too seriously? Are you an all-knowing gossip who invented side eye? Are you a loyal companion who loves going on adventures with your family? Or are you a curious and adventurous soul whose wanderlust can never be satisfied? Based on specific aspects of your personality, certain breeds of dog would make excellent companions for you. Who is destined to be your fur child forever? Answer these 12 fun questions to find out what kind of canine you should have as a pet (if you don’t have one already). You may be surprised what kind of dog is right for you!