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Can We Guess Which Food You HATE Based on Your Favorite Movies?

Everyone has one food that they just can’t stand. Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves to be picky eaters get grossed out by certain foods every now and then. For some people, even the smell of seafood is enough to make them completely lose their appetite. For others, the addition of mustard to a sandwich or hot dog would make them want to instantly throw the whole thing in the garbage. Some people have a hard time choking down broccoli, while others are completely repulsed by Brussel sprouts. Spicy food is especially polarizing; you either love it or you despise it.

So what food would you only eat if your life depended on it? This quiz will ask you a series of questions about your favorite movies and then guess what your #1 most hated food is. Ready to see if we can guess it? Grab a fork and let’s get started!