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Can We Guess Who You Were in High School Based on How You Throw a Dinner Party? Let’s Find Out!

Who doesn’t love a good dinner party? Friends gathering, sharing good food, great conversation, and not to mention it’s always a treat to have someone else cook for you. It can also be super rewarding to be that one cooking that food. It’s a one-way ticket to feeling like the new Martha Stewart if this whole thing goes well — and it will! But, how’s it going to happen?

Hosting a superb dinner party is the true hallmark of entering Real Adulthood. It can also reveal a lot about who you used to be in high school. Turns out, those formative years were pretty … formative. How well do you handle in-crowds? Do you serve crowd-pleasers or take risks with new recipes you found off a hipster food blog? Were you homecoming queen or did you do your own thing? Tell us how you’d host this dinner party and we’ll guess who you were in high school! Let’s go!