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Can We Guess Your Drink of Choice Based on Who You Were in High School?

High school was either the best time of your life or a period in time you’d rather not look back on. Whatever the case, you’ve probably grown and changed considerably since then. That’s what time and space is good for, after all! And as anyone who’s been to therapy will tell you: what happened to you growing up has a lot of impact on who you are, what you like, and how you behave in your adult life — which could mean a great deal of deeper things that are probably meant for a deeper conversation between you and another adult. BUT … what does it say about what you like to drink?

Yup! Who you were in high school probably reflects itself back to you in weird ways. Maybe it happens while you’re at the bar and order your “usual.” Do you like bold flavors or something milder and crowd-pleasing? Were you a crowd-pleaser or did you do your own thing, and how does that affect your cocktail of choice? Let’s find out!