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What Comes Next In These Common Phrases?

This quiz is sure to be the cat’s meow, a quiz like no other, a quiz that will test if you are on the ball or if the lights are on but nobody’s home.  We’ll find out if you know who has to sing before it’s all over (here’s a hint: She is not skinny), and whether you know what a stitch in time saves.

We’re about to explore the wild and wacky world of idioms or common phrases that make no literal sense at all. Where did they come from? There’s sure to be an odd story for each. But what we’re truly interested in is whether you’ve got these idioms squarely tucked in your back pocket or if you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

That’s right. We’re going to test you on how well you know these common phrases. It’s sink or swim, so get paddling.