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We’ll Find Out If You’d Survive the Apocalypse based On How Well You Know Apocalypse Movies

The sky darkens. People scream. Fire rains down. Chaos reigns and you know that this is the end of everything.

Or perhaps you walk out your door only to find that a virus has gone rogue and your friends, neighbors, and family have turned into rabid beasts, out for your blood.

We all know that the apocalypse is a classic staple of movies, from comedies to more serious fare. These films take a look at the bleakness of human life and how quickly our kindness turns to violence once the shackles of civilization have fallen away. This topic has been addressed in movies for dozens of years.

Now it’s your turn to see how well you know the genre. We’ll give you a short description and an image from the movie and you’ll have to see if you can name it. The road is dark and dangerous. Only the very bravest will survive this apocalyptic quiz.