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The Average Mexican Can Score 10/12 On This Day of the Dead Trivia. Can You?

Though Halloween is an ancient pagan holiday with origins in Europe, the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos is even older. The Celts started celebrating a harvest holiday known as Samhain two thousand years ago in current-day Ireland. But the Aztecs in current-day Mexico were celebrating the transcendence of the souls of their relatives a millennium before. Though both holidays are about death and are celebrated during the same time of year, there are stark differences in the attitudes of death. Today, most Americans use Halloween as an occasion to fear death. But our friends south of the Rio Grande use this time of year to honor those who have passed and recognize the beauty of all phases of life. What is the point of those colorful sugar skulls? What kind of flowers are placed on the ofrenda? How much do you know about the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos? Take this prueba to find out!