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If You Think You Know Everything About Grey’s Anatomy, This Quiz Will Prove You Wrong

In order to be a doctor, you have to have a lot of brains! You also have to be pretty smart to pass this quiz. Like doctor smart. And it’s also possible that if you pass this quiz you should be a doctor. I’ll personally sign your MCAT exam. The biggest and brightest Grey’s fans in our office only scored 10/11 which I find DEPLORABLE.

See if you have what it takes to pass your exams and become a doctor at this famous Seattle hospital! Or are you going to crash on a weird island somewhere in between seasons and possibly spin off into a law school? These are all real possibilities! And we’ll find out what’s right for you in this quiz. Because if there’s one thing we do well here at MagiQuiz, it’s placement. We’re all former college counselors, we swear. Now go take the quiz, okay?!