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Can You Spell Better Than a 7th Grader? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

The English language is a tricky one. Even for native speakers, knowing the proper way to spell every word seems like an impossible task. But for those who spend enough time reading and writing will be able to spell even the trickiest words like a breeze. Would you be able to pass a 7th-grade spelling bee today? Do you read a text and cringe at spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors? We totally feel you. If you’re the kind of person who has a keen eye for the written word, there is no excuse for you to score less than 12/12 on this spelling quiz. But if you fail to identify even half of these misspelled words, you ought to go back to school or pick up a book! Being able to spell is not only advantageous in the business world, but it is important to the survival of the English language. Take this quiz to see if you would be able to pass this 7th-grade spelling bee!