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Cast the Perfect Black Harry Potter and We’ll Sort You Into a House

Everyone knows what the Harry Potter crew looks like at this point, right? Well…you know what they look like in the filmed version, but the kids on Twitter has been killing it by casting #BlackHogwarts and now it’s your turn!

We’ve got all your favorite characters, but we’re reimagining them as our favorite black celebrities. Think Samuel L. Jackson, Beyonce, Oprah, and Morgan Freeman. It’s tough to decide who’s the best fit for each character, but your choices will give us some deep insight into your place at Hogwarts. Cast the very best, and we’ll fill you in on which Hogwarts house is just right for you, from Slytherin to Hufflepuff.

Get yourself to Platform 9 3/4, jump aboard the Hogwarts Express, and find your way back to the world of Harry Potter. It’s time to create the Hogwarts that J.K. Rowling never dreamed of, complete with the greatest magical artifact of all: the ‘Sorting Durag’.