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Choose Your Fave Woodland Creatures and We’ll Reveal What Disney Princess You Are

Which Disney princess do you most identify with? Did you always favor Jasmine, with her outspoken nature and stylish crop top? Or maybe you liked Belle, with her love of books and inability to blend in with the crowd? Or did Tiana’s drive and passion inspire you to accomplish more in your life? Most little girls dream of growing up to become princesses. It’s not just the combination of a perfect dress, perfect guy, and royal status that make these characters appealing. Each one has a unique personality and an individual struggle that we end up rooting for. In the end, when everything works out, it’s hard not to find ourselves hoping our own lives will turn out as happily-ever-after. So are you ready to find out once and for all which Disney heroine you most take after? Well, prepare yourself, because this quiz will tell you…by forcing you to choose between adorable woodland creatures. It’ll involve some tough decisions, but we know you’ve got what it takes! Now grab your tiara and let’s get started!