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Choose Your Favorite Foods and We’ll Tell You Which Will Be Your Lucky Month of 2018

If we can learn anything from 2017, it’s that you can only improve for 2018! This year is full of surprises for everyone, but all at different times. Though we are off to a good start so far for 2018, there are many months to look forward to this year. What month is going to be your best? Will you get lucky in January, February, or March? Will you start to blossom in April, May, or June? Are things going to be hot in July and August? Will your life fall into place this September, October, or November? Or is fate saving the best for last for you this December? No matter what month is going to be your time to shine, you can never say no to delicious food. Tell us what your favorite foods are to find out which month in 2018 is going to be your luckiest!