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Quiz: Discover Your Perfect Match By Creating A Tinder Profile

Creating the perfect online dating profile is one of the most difficult balancing acts in the world: how much do you share? Do you include that picture where you’re holding your neighbor’s dog, then inevitably answer all the queries of “cute dog” with “well he’s not mine”? How many jokes are too many jokes?

This whole Tinder thing is really tough, but never fear: the matchmaker of MagiQuiz is here for you. Create the profile that most perfectly represents you, and we’ll tell you what kind of match you’ll make. Not only that, but we’ll make them absolutely perfect for you. So what if they only exist on your computer screen? You deserve the very best, and we’re going to create that absolute best match for you.

So strap in, get those selfie fingers ready, and create your Tinder profile to discover the perfect match for you. It’s dating time!