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Do You Know the Scientific Names of These Common Phobias?

Humans make decisions based on one of two emotions — fear and love. Though fear is a terrible feeling to have, smart people use it to their advantages and motivate themselves to overcome. Because fear is such an important part of human life, there are scientific names for the many things that scare us. How well do you know these phobias? Whether you’re afraid of spiders, dogs, cats, bugs, sheep, or chickens, there’s a name for whatever you’re feeling. Are you afraid of tight, enclosed spaces or big open horizons? Do certain types of people scare you? Are you shocked when you enter a room with mannequins, robots, lamps, dolls, candles, chairs, tables, or books? Though some things seem harmless to most of us, almost anything can cause stress to the wrong person. Take this quiz to see how well you know the scientific names of these common phobias!