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Do You Know What These Famous Authors Look Like?

You might fancy yourself part of the literati. You like to read. You’ve got a good handle on books and the classic literary canon. Well now we’re going to challenge you in a whole new way. We’re going beyond the book and into the author’s life. We’re going to see if you know what these brilliant writers look like, with little more than a picture.

You’ll get a picture of one of our favorite authors; maybe a classic gentleman whose name is taught at every university, or perhaps we’ll stretch you a bit to include a woman whose writing on race is life changing. There are so many to choose from, but we’ll narrow it down to twelve.

It’s your job to deduce which pen-wielding mastermind we’ve shown you. Do you think you have the chops to identify all of them? We’ll see how well you’d pass English 101 if it was all in visuals.