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The Bachelor Is One Long Awkward Date, So Go On These Disaster Dates & We’ll Tell You How Long You’d Last On The Show!

The Bachelor is the reality show to end all reality shows. It’s one of the OGs that’s still kicking and continues to reinvent the wheel every season, or at least attempt to. So what if it’s ruining the sanctity of marriage? You’re either all about spooning this trash into your mouth with extra sprinkles and chocolate sauce, or you think you’re above it. In which case, why don’t you put your pride on the line by seeing how long you’d last on The Bachelor?

Bachelor Nation undoubtedly has the leg up on you in that case. They know what it takes to outlast the other contestants, be strategic when you need to, while still looking cute and flirting like your life depends on it. Are you too good to get a little weird? Well, here’s some horrific first date scenarios to really put your prowess to the test. Survive this nonsense and there’s no denying that you’d survive without any connection to the outside world and come out on the other side engaged.

This show is weird, just take the quiz.