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Go to Brunch and We’ll Tell You Which Character You Are From Sex and the City

Sex and the City, the series that never gets old… even though rewatching nearly 10 years later makes some of it feel a bit dated. Love it or hate it, you won’t ever forget those characters, their relationships, and that one time Carrie got dumped via Post-It. Pretty much upon watching more than one episode, you start calling dibs on which character you are. After watching more than one episode, you’re also probably wondering why they go to brunch so much. Is it always Sunday? Where’s this never-ending brunch money coming from? Do they ever eat any of it?

No one knows because it doesn’t matter much. All that matters is that Sex and the City is amazing and if you’ve clicked this quiz, you probably also agree. So, let’s brunch with the girls, shall we? We’re about to find out who you are in the series once and for all using their own metric for friendship: brunch. The holiest of meals in the SATC universe. All hail. Forks up, ladies. Let’s get going!