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How Long Will Your Relationship Last Based on Your Netflix Preferences?

Relationships come and go, but Netflix is forever. Until some other streaming service takes its place, that is. But really, you probably have an ongoing, rather serious relationship with your Netflix account. It anticipates everything you could want or need and it’s reliable to no end. How you handle your Netflix account may just inform how you handle your other romantic relationships. Or not! All we’re saying is that Netflix is your second boyfriend and should be factored into any long-term plans with your current partner.

Not only that but the way you and your partner interact with Netflix as a couple can reflect your strengths and weaknesses as a partnered unit. Do you have similar tastes or are you polar opposites? How big was that fight when someone watched an episode without the other person? Put your Netflix habits to the test and we’ll gauge how long your current relationship will last. Netflix knows everything. Ooooh… Aaaaahh….