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Only 1% Of People Can Name These Everyday Objects. Actually. Can You?

Think you have an impressive vocabulary? You might be surprised by how many boring, everyday objects have crazy names you’ve never heard of! Yes, contrary to popular belief, there are actually names for things like the plastic bit at the end of your shoelace. Here’s a hint: Its proper name isn’t “the plastic bit at the end of your shoelace.” Everything has a name. However, whether or not we choose to use that name in everyday life is a whole other matter. Some of these words exist but aren’t used very often. Still, if you have that piece of vocabulary locked in your brain, then congratulations! You’re probably in the top 1% of quiz takers.

Are you super confident in your vocabulary and thing-naming abilities? Find out how many you can name by taking this quiz. The only rule is that you’re not allowed to use a dictionary for help! Or Google! Just your brain. You ready, genius?