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Are You Obsessive Enough to Pass This Minute Detail Quiz?

People always talk about being a perfectionist like it’s a bad thing. But really, it’s a compliment. While some may be annoyed by how anal retentive people who are obsessed with perfection can be, we think it just means that they have a gift for noticing every little detail.

People might make jokes about it, but being a perfectionist can actually be a difficult way to go through life. You’re more easily annoyed by things that most don’t even notice, and it can be tough to get through even the most mundane tasks. For example, a trip to the store can be difficult if there’s a small flaw in a display and there’s no way to immediately fix it. A haircut can be a nightmare if even one hair is left at a different length from the rest. So where do you fall on the perfectionist scale? Do you pay attention to the most minute details? Are you annoyed by even the tiniest inconsistency? Or are you basically obvious to things like that? Take our quiz to find out!