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How Well Do You Know the Horcruxes in Harry Potter?

So you know your Harry Potter inside and out, every character, every scene, every book? You’ve been on the HP bandwagon since you were 11, wishing for a letter telling you it was time to go to Hogwarts. But there are darker sides to the magical world of Harry Potter. Some magics are dark, mysterious, dangerous, and more than a little evil. How much do you know about them?

Let’s spend some time delving deep into the darkness, exploring Horcruxes, how they’re made, and who destroyed them. Can you name all seven? Who owned them, and how they were acquired? Can you identify the brave heroes who destroyed them and the weapons they used? See if you would be able to take on the Dark Lord Voldemort with your Horcrux knowledge or if you’d be left with an unkillable, immortal dark lord. It’s time to test your Horcrux knowledge to find out if you could survive in the Potterverse.