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Which Of These Cities Have *Actually* Hosted the Olympics?

Though the Olympics were celebrated in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago, the modern games have only been around since 1896. From the late 19th century, summer and winter games have been hosted in cities across the globe every other year.

Do you know which cities have invited the rest of the world to compete in the most prestigious sports? Which cities have hosted multiple times? Which ones almost had the honor of being the Olympic venue, but had to cancel due to war? Which American cities have hosted, and how many times Los Angeles has been home of the games? Which city in Greece hosted the inaugural modern games in 1896? Which is the only Chinese city to hold an Olympic venue? Although Pyeongchang will host the winter games in 2018, have the games ever been held in another Korean city?

Answer these 12 questions about Olympic destinations to see if you can go for gold!