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Answer These 12 Scary Questions And We’ll Guess How Long You’d Last In A Horror Movie. Don’t Die!

Life is scary. We live in a world where hackers can tap into your iCloud and distribute your discarded selfies and dirty laundry for everybody to see. The fabric of democracy itself is unspooling, the ice caps are melting, and the fact that any spider can somehow get past a locked door is beyond creepy. (HOW DO THEY EVEN GET IN THERE?!) So, are you one of those people who skillfully squashes the spider? Do you save it? Or do you light your whole house on fire?

How you handle these scary situations are just a microcosm of the insane horrors you’d have to face if you were suddenly in the Saw franchise. You know how this goes: a group of friends find themselves in the middle of an unbelievable disaster… and only one survives! DUN DUN DUN! So, where do you think you’ll end up? Are you the first to go or do you survive through to the sequel? Do you die a heroes death or do you get stabbed because you disobey the killer that’s kidnapped you? Think it through and you may come out alive.