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How Well Do You Know Your Fancy Dessert Trivia?

Do you fancy yourself a master baker a-la the skilled people we see all the time on The Great British Bake-Off (which, as you know, is the greatest television show of all time)? Well, this trivia quiz will throw you right into the baking tent with 12 tough questions that only real master bakers can answer. Pretend that Paul Hollywood is staring at you with his piercing blue eyes and Mary Berry is about to tell you whether you’ve got a soggy bottom or not.

This quiz is sure to test your baking mettle. Do you know how to achieve flaky pastry layers? Can you spot the profiterole? What’s an essential technique for tempering chocolate? I am afraid merely watching baking TV shows probably isn’t going to help you achieve a high score. Better grab your apron, head to the kitchen, and whip yourself up a batch of homemade cookies to eat while taking this fancy dessert trivia quiz.