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Most Adults Can’t Pass This 3rd Grade Spelling Test

Let’s face it — we’ve all become kind of lazy now that we have autocorrect. But back in the day, when we were all in third grade, being a good speller meant something. I am sure you remember those little blue steno notebooks with the red line down the middle. Your teacher would pass them out for each spelling quiz (which you were super excited for…no? Just me then?) and collect them after. You’d get them back the next day, and in bright red ink next to your handiwork it would say something like “100% Nice job!” or “95% Great work!” or “60% Let’s talk.” That last one was pretty dreaded. 

Maybe, if you were a really strong speller, you even took part in the school’s spelling bee. But since then, our skills have waned. We aren’t practicing the timeless art of spelling like we once did. Do you still have those basic spelling skills from your elementary school days? Would you win the elementary school spelling bee if you participated today? Take our quiz to find out!