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Only a True Elvis Fan Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

If you have ever listened to 20th-century music, you definitely have heard an Elvis Presley song or two. Born in the southern United States, the King of Rock and Roll was the definition of pop culture in the 20th century and changed music forever. But what’s more interesting than his musical career is the life he lived.  How much do you know about Elvis Presley? Can you remember what town he was from, what his middle name was, or the movies he acted in? How many countries did he perform in and who did his daughter marry? How about which branch of the military he served in for two years? What were the unusual ingredients of his favorite sandwich? The average millennial will only score 5/12 on this quiz, but a true Elvis fan will score at least 10/12. Take this quiz to see if you’re the King of Rock and Roll or if you ain’t nothing but a hound dog!