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Only True Fans Can Get 10/12 on This Marilyn Monroe Trivia Quiz

Marilyn Monroe: the original blonde bombshell. This woman has ruled beauty standards in Hollywood for decades, the classic image of a perfect woman. But underneath her life was far from perfect. Multiple marriages, affair allegations, abuse, addiction, and mental illness plagued Monroe’s life and left her one of the most fascinating characters in the golden age of Hollywood. It’s time for you to discover if you know the story behind the face, the person who existed under the Marilyn persona. If you can answer these questions about Marilyn from childhood to death, you’re a true expert.

Let’s jump in our time machine and head on back to the ’50s to see if you know what Marilyn was up to besides being talented, poised, and 100 percent gorgeous. Do you know the real Marilyn hidden beneath the persona? It’s Marilyn Monroe trivia time, and only true fans will know all the answers.