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Are You a Grammar Genius? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

If you clicked on this quiz, chances are you already know how to speak and read English. But it can be complicated, even for native speakers! Do you really know how to speak and write in perfect English? You may be surprised to learn some phrases you’ve been saying for years are actually grammatically incorrect. Or maybe you’ve been using the incorrect term in everyday phrases and common sayings. Getting caught saying something the wrong way can be embarrassing, especially if your first language is English. And in any case, who doesn’t want to be sure that the words coming out of their mouth are grammatically correct? Take this quiz and find out if your language skills are where they should be — you just might learn a thing or two to prevent future speaking (or writing) mishaps. Knowing the difference between “effect” and “affect,” or whether to use “me,” “myself,” or, “I” is important. You can thank us later!