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Star Wars Nerd: You NEED To Know Your Perfect Sidekick

It’s easy to watch Star Wars and imagine ourselves as those great heroes of the Rebellion and the Resistance. Maybe you thought of yourself as Leia, sharp tongued and quick witted, or perhaps you were more of a Han Solo, brave and daring but always loyal. No matter who your hero dreams featured there’s one thing all heroes have in common: they’ve got to have a sidekick.

That’s right, we’re talking about the R2-D2s, the C-3POs,  and the Chewbaccas of the Star Wars universe. How would our brave heroes survive the situations they get themselves into without the help of their friends?

It’s time to turn you into a hero by giving you the perfect sidekick, the one that will make your successes look easy and your failures look like they were planned. Jump into the world of Star Wars to discover which friend is the one that matches your personality perfectly.