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Can We Guess What Type Of Guy You’ll Marry Based On Your Favorite TV Shows? Find Out For Yourself!

Your history with your favorite TV shows is like any other long-term relationship: You’ve had your ups and your downs, good times and bad, but you stay committed and loyal (unless something unforgivable happens). You’re basically married to your favorite characters, so it’s only natural that your taste in TV shows indicate what kind of guy you’ll wind up marrying. Someone serious and suave or the goofiest person in the room? I don’t know, do you prefer McDreamy or Jim Halpert? See?! Told you so.

The characters you choose to surround yourself with may have something to tell you about what kind of guy you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. TV shows come and go, but marriage is kind of a forever thing. Hopefully, you’ll give actual marriage more thought than you do when deciding which show to watch, but only time will tell. What kind of guy will you marry based on your taste in TV shows? Only this quiz will tell you who it is!